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Workshops Available:

 Workshops and classes are available either privately or for groups from 2-15 people 


Twisted Metal Collaged Pendants (full day workshop)    

As featured in Belle Armoire Jewelry Issue 3.

Learn to make collaged pins and pendants out of hand formed metals, unique fibers, handmade papers and assorted ephemera.  Use that special broken jewelry of grandma's jewelry, that you can't part with and turn it into a one of a kind heirloom.  Or open the junk drawer and create funky, cool  jewelry.  A large variety of forming techniques will be covered along with a kit of very cool euphemera.


The Art of Patina  (Full one day workshop,  offered only in the Spring, Summer and Autumn)  

In the morning: Using a variety of formulas, learn how to Patina (or rapidly age) various metals including copper, raw brass and sterling silver.  Including the "Italian" method of patina. This is a hands-on "Process Workshop".  Come in comfortable work clothes with a journal and leave with samples of each type of patina and formulas. 

In the afternoon:  Design jewelry to enhance your unique patina (please note, patina pieces of metal will be provided because your patina's that you created in the morning "will still be cooking").  Using wire, metals, found objects, watch parts, nuts & bolts, you will create a unique piece of jewelry.  Learn how to cut metal, file and form. 


Hand Patina Bracelets, Pendents, Chokers and Pins (one day workshop) 

Patina pieces of metal will be provided for you, so that you can jump right into the design and execution elements. Will will explore how to jumpstart your creative juices and how to design jewelry using common objects and inspiration.  Using wires, metals, found objects, watch parts, nuts & bolts, create a unique piece that can be a combination Pendent/Pin, a Choker, Earrings or Cuff Bracelet.  Learn how to cut metal, file & form. 


Crochet Bracelets & Necklaces (half day workshop)

Learn to crochet a gorgeous bracelet or necklace with fine wire and glass beads.   In the method used, your wire will disappear and the beauty of the glass beads will shine through.  Learn to make a bracelet or a necklance, how to add findings and focal pieces.  Kits are usually provided with everything needed for this class.  Very popular because you can show up with absolutly no supplies!  A very relaxing and fun class.