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I have always loved working in various art generes and gravitated to jewelry making and design about 20 years ago.   I still love to draw and paint, but designing jewelry has become my passion.   I love working with found objects and unusual  matierials. 

Sixth Floor Designs was named after the Hospice In Patient Unit (HIPU), located on the sixth floor of a local hospital in Rochester, New York.  It is there, that I learned so much about the journey through life and death, and for that I am eternally grateful.  Hospice Centers worldwide, are devoted to offering pallative (comfort) care to the terminally ill, their caretakers, family & friends.   Volunteer opportunties are always welcome and as a volunteer, I can tell you, it is an honor and a privilege to volunteer with Hospice.   




About Di Russell Horn 

Being a self taught mixed media artist, I have a passion for all things fun & funky.  I love designing jewelry, exucuting my designs,  collecting found objects and mastering new techniques.  I espeiallly love teaching workshops and sharing my knowledge with others that share the same passion for jewelry making.    

My family is incredibly supportive.  My sounding board for new designs, critic, champion and hero is my son Brian.  He has no problem with honestly letting me know what will work and what designs fall short.  His support allows me freedom while I fly and create. 

My girlfriends are amazingly supportive and encouraging, without them, I would not be designing and selling jewelry today.  My friend Kara is my "Marketing guru" and idea facilator.  My family & friends,   pick me up when I'm down, give me inspiration and unconditional love. 

There is nothing more exciting than creating a piece of jewelry with found objects from my stash (which has now spilled over into a second room, and my garage).  My favorite thought is "What if I ........".

In my world, there are no accidents or mishaps, just divine guidance.

I hope you enjoy fun & funky jewelry as much as I do.  Feel free to request special custom pieces, or take a workshop and let your creative self soar to new heights!